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Steve pushed a cart for 20 years. Now he pulls one

May 18, 2013

Shopping cart bike trailerShopping cart bike trailer close-upShopping cart bike trailer close-up 2

Look at this great idea for a simple bicycle trailer: It uses the plastic box from a shopping cart. I was going to do something like this around two years ago, and had cut the box off a cart, in preparation, but a binner named Steve beat me to it.

Steve beat a lot of binners to everything. He started binning some 20 years ago, before the City of Vancouver’s blue box recycling system, and the current Encorp bottle depot return system. He’s one of a handful of binners left from those oldest of days — when dumpster-diving was the rule. Most of those real old-schoolers are taciturn, misanthropic trolls. Steve’s a human being — a nice one.

As a young man. he stuck it out for three years in the Royal Canadian Navy — just long enough to know it wasn’t for him, and says he was homeless for about 10 of his 20 years binning. Steve went through real chronic alcoholism, and came out the other side. He talks about needing to drink in the morning just so he could walk.

He’s not homeless now, and is more-or-less a semi-retired binner, not to mention that he doesn’t drink that much anymore. So his life has changed a lot for the better, but he’s still the rock-solid character I’ve always known him to be. Click the images to enlarge them.

Steve pushed a shopping cart for years. Now he pulls one.

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