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Pete finds a doozey of a painting

May 20, 2013

Evadna Chapman painting on Florida Pete's cart

Florida Pete told me he had to get back to work — he was down to one beer, so he’s headed back intto the Fairview back alleys, in search of bottles, and “full ones,” at that. He’d found me, in the first place, to show me an eye-popping, original painting he’d found earlier in the day.

The painting is signed “Evadna Chapman June 1973,” making it a month shy of 40-years-old. After all that time, the painting is still a blaze of fluorescent colours.– the photos do not begin to do it justice. I can find no information on an “Evadna Chapman” of any kind. Given the lifespan of an original painting, sitting exposed in a back alley, or carried on top of a shopping cart, in Vancouver, British Columbia, the images in this post will likely soon be all that’s left. Click on the images to enlarge.

Painting by Evadna Chapman, 1973

  1. Cheryl permalink

    I knew her.

    • Really? Can you share any details about her. I would really like to be able to provide more detail about the artist who created this amazing painting.

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