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That wasn’t there yesterday!

June 14, 2013

orange thing, first lookorange thing, second lookorange thing, third look

There’s a mystery here, just a little orange one, but, all the same, what is it, and where has it come from? I don’t recall it being there yesterday, so naturally I’m curious — Though another binner, Toad, says it’s been there for a while, it’s a new thing in my world. Cursory examination, from a distance, suggests it is not hostile, animate, or particularly clean. A closer look is out of the question as it sits on something called “private property.” Click the images to see larger versions.

Binning for bottles ‘n’ cans, for fun and profit, in the same back alleys, day-after-day, gives you, the homeless person, a unique opportunity to partake in the rhythms, and habits of a neighbourhood, if at a remove.You may know none of the renters, condo owners, or home owners individually, or by name, but you really can get a picture of their lives, particularly as they resolve into patterns of consumption and waste, and you draw all the useful conclusions you can. You may, actually, learn a lot more than that — usually a lot of stuff you never want to know, which you just ignore — well I do — It’s people’s private lives after all.

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