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Sleep better knowing Apple is on the job

July 21, 2013

Apple newspaper ad under my trailerApple newspaper adText of Apple newspaper ad

Every evening, before I go to bed, in my cosy parkade, I tuck in my bike and trailer. The trailer gets a bed of newsprint to catch drips from the, hopefully, massive load of returnable bottles and cans, neatly bagged and tied on the trailer—it’s just good manners, it’s not my property, after all.

This evening, the last broadsheet, to go in the most important and potentially drippiest place, turned out to be a double-truck ad from Apple, saying how the “Designed by Apple in Cupertino” statement, that brands all of the company’s products, is the signature of all the engineers and artists, and people at the company. And how it means everything (which is to say the fact that the stuff’s made in China means nothing).

The ad copy also explains that Apple designs all their stuff to enhance “each life it touches”.

This is true. You don’t even need to have an Apple product for the wizards in Cupertino to make your life better—the clean concrete under my bike trailer is proof that even the advertising alone can make a difference. Thanks Apple! Click on the images to enlarge them.

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