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If you can’t squirrel it away for Winter, eat it now

August 14, 2013

Hungry squirrel

Most Summers I see squirrels all over Fairview, and Kitsilano. This is the first squirrel I’ve seen in two months. They’re normally so skittish, but this one, after a momentary freeze, really settled down to eating. We were alone in the lane, but not for long.

First one woman crossed in front of the camera,and told me, “She is coming everyday now,” referring to the squirrel. How’d she know it was a  girl squirrel I wondered. Did she turn the squirrel over and check? I snap a few more pictures before … ‘Are you shooting a video?” a man asked. “No, it’s just photos,” I explained. “Is there a problem?” “No …” the man said, clearly meaning yes. “Just, I want to put this in the bin …” He crossed in front of me and dropped a piece of cardboard in the Paper recycling bin. That was too close to the squirrel’s personal space, and — she — darted away from the food. “Oh,” said the man, “a squirrel.”

One of my goals is to get footage of a Fairview squirrel running up a stucco wall — has to be seen to be believed!

Helpful tips for stop-motion photography of small animals:

A tip● Use a tripod
● Glue their little feet to the ground

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