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Actually they can fall pretty far from the tree

August 29, 2013

Free apples. How come I’m not biting?

Yesterday’s free fall fruit post, mentioned Vancouver’s many apple trees — here’s some photos of one of them. As we can see the apples end up all over the place. They can actually be a bit of a haz … Whahhhhhhh…  Ow, ow, ow!

Every year I remember, all over again, how nice a fresh apple plucked off a branch can be, and how treacherous apples can be after they hit the ground, and get underfoot, and even more so when they get crushed under car wheels.

It’s most likely that many current home owners didn’t plant the trees in their yards, and, in the case of apple trees, some owners seem to ignore their bounty, as if to disavow any responsibility for what hits the ground.

I say, clean up after your dogs, and clean up after your apple trees — unless your dogs really like applesauce. Click the images to enlarge them.

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