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Slides from my trip to Kerrisdale and Oakridge

September 9, 2013

By slides I mean digital photos. By trip, I mean a business trip — going up there to collect bottles, and cans. By “going up there” I mean that to get to the Oakridge/Kerrisdale area from West Broadway Avenue, at Granville Street, you go 32 blocks South, and 150 to 160 metres up. It’s some of the highest ground in Vancouver. Getting there means passing through some of the richest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, and when you finally get there, you are in another, ever-so-slightly-less, rich neighbourhood. I started in the late afternoon on Sunday. I didn’t make a direct bee-line for Kerrisdale; first I needed to travel due West some, through part of the Arbutus Ridge area, before turning South. The travelogue picks up as I swing back up to Arbutus Street, and King Edward Avenue, to begin my ascent. Click the images to see larger versions. All except the garage GIF.

Looking West along King Edward Avenue. It finally ends way, way in the distance, at a wall of green marking University Endowment lands, at a cross street called Crown.

Traveling South in an alley on the Western edge of Shaughnessy. Lots of old mansions being replaced by new. I’m told the pop cans on the rebar ends are a safety thing — new to me, but, though I was collecting cans, I left them.

Big in hedge funds? Seriously, this is an old money, Shaughnessy look. The younger coin goes for walls and gates.

Thirty-third Avenue, at about Angus Street, I think. Looking West, and down, towards Arbutus. A nice climb.

So much green in these rich neighbourhoods! This looks like a dead end off 36th. It masks a busy thoroughfare for residents, walking, dogging, and biking.

Here we are at 37th and Marguerite — the twisty streets of Shaughnessy. Even their street makers are flash.

A new mansion. Looks like someone just dropped it there.

A new “smart meter” — smart enough to always charge more than the old meters. Accessible to meter readers via Wi-Fi. Part of the growing “Internet of Things.”

I’ve crossed 41st Avenue, and am binning up in the cross streets around the 50s. All sorts of purple flowers/weeds growing in the alleys.

Near 7:00 p.m. by now; the sun appears to be moving faster — falling, in fact.

I think this “street furniture” is phone switching stuff belonging to Telus. Usually this 3M ad wrap to used to blend the box in to the background, so I’d have expected it to copy the fence.


Evening is falling, and here’s a security light. Time to play the “Clapper” game — “Clap on. Clap, clap. Clap off,. Clap, clap. … wait for it.

On my way up 41st toward Oak Street. Looking back over my shoulder at the setting sun in the West.

Looking ahead, with my shadow leading me on.

Oak Street, looking back West down 41st. Now North, back to Fairview. It’s all downhill from here!

Looking East. The little lights are coming on as the big one is going out.

Just a block off South Granville, in Shaughnessy. Only a few blocks South of 16th Avenue — the Northern boundary with Fairview. This tree — fenced because the mansion behind it is about to be torn down — looks so much larger, and impressive in real life.

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