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Tango Bravo

September 12, 2013

Finally caught one of these. Boy they move fast — in fact, zero to sixty in three-point-two seconds — spank me! Had to get snapping; American couple from Washington State — places to go, things to do. I know, you’re trying to imagine two people in this automotive equivalent of a small shipping envelope — They were obviously on intimate terms.

The woman dashed off after explaining her beau was on the phone, but yes, I could take photos. I guess Americans don’t go in for prohibiting drivers from yakking on cell phones. Life really is cheaper on that side of the border.

Micro electric cars, or Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs), like this Tango T600, on the other hand cost about $100,000 USD according to the Wikipedia Tango entry. It’s manufactured in Spokane, Washington, and has outrageous specs, from it’s race car performance, to it’s shoebox dimensions. It’s not a budget car at all. It’s pitched at the luxury, high-performance market! This 21st Century really is beginning to feel like the future — I’m sure that with three other strapping lads, or lasses, together we could throw one of these things, and then we’d have flying cars, to boot. Click the images to enlarge them.

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