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Bigger they are, the longer they take to fall

September 26, 2013

The Ridge Theatre is open, but not for business.

The Ridge Centre at 16th Avenue, and Arbutus Street, has been subjected to slow motion demolition for some weeks now, but the ordeal is nearly over.

At  the time of my first post on the fate of the Ridge Centre, back on May 7, it was almost business as usual, with only the theatre shuttered, by my September 2 post, the Centre was closed, and the demolition process was already underway inside.

The block-long, 1950s era, shopping centre is clearly coming down. The three store fronts on the North-side of the Ridge Theatre are gone — reduced to ruble and trucked wherever such construction debris goes. The giant bowling pin which stood on top of the North-most shop, the Ridge Garden Restaurant, was not destroyed. A worker today told me someone took it away intact. The entire front face of the theatre is gone — cleanly sheared off — leaving an open box. Strange effect. More than three-quarters of the structure appears to remain, but it’s largely an empty shell; the time up till now has been spent gutting the structure. I would expect knocking down the remaining facade would be quick work. Click the images to enlarge them, except for the animated GIF.

A big mess! As it looked today. spliced together from three photos,


Almost all gone, but not quite
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