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There’s but a smidge of the Ridge left

October 3, 2013

Arc du Cressey? Point of sale advertising for the developer, after a fashion.

Two months ago we’d be nearly in the alley looking at the yoga studio.

The bowling alley still sits off in the North-West corner, and the facade of the former supermarket stands facing Arbutus like a remnant of the London Blitz; otherwise the former site of the old Ridge Centre is just a mess of rubble. The entire North-South alley behind the lot, between 15th, and 16th Avenue, is fenced off — understandably, but this will be a big inconvenience for the residents along the first East-West block of 15th, and 16th directly behind the lot, which will continue for as long as the construction project does.

I had to sneak onto the site to take the photo of the supermarket facade without the fence getting in the way. Eventually security woke up to the fact that I was inside the perimeter and came over and insisted I stay behind the fence. I didn’t press the point; it was a genuine security issue, and there was a sign indicating an asbestos “abatement” specialist was involved in the demolition of the 1950s structure. The security guard told me that the previous night a group of people had broken into the site — I couldn’t imagine why — there was nothing left to take, and few surfaces worth tagging with graffiti. Police came with dogs, but the guard said he couldn’t let even the police onto the site. I didn’t know what to make of that story, but he was a very nice security guard, and, when he saw I was bottle-collecting binner, he emptied his car of a remarkable number of two-litre 7-Up bottles, Apparently his secret to staying alert was sugar. Click the images to enlarge them.

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