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One of the Ridge wrecking crew, waiting it’s turn

October 27, 2013

This is the back end which conveys the asphalt debris into a dump truck.

This beast is a CMI PR-800-7/12 pavement profiler. Basically its used to plane the asphalt or concrete layer off of roadways, and parking lots — like the one it’s parked in, just across 15th Avenue from the demolition site that was the Ridge Centre. This lot was parking for the Ridge Centre. It’s now been sold for development. Across Arbutus, is another Ridge parking lot. This one’s the length of the block, straddling the alley. It has a development coming also. A slapped-together, temporary, sales centre, takes up half the lot, pre-selling imaginary condos.

This is the front end. The “mouth” is in the center, pointed down at the surface.

The bumf on this monster, also known as a “cold-planer,” is all about ease-of-use, and rugged toughness. Oh, and it planes the surface in 12-inch-wide strips, 6-inches wider than many other profilers. Click the images to enlarge them.

I think I’d like a sign like this on the back of my bike trailer, or maybe my laptop.

Up close, and personal, the machine doesn’t look so patched together.

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