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API holidays from Pusher and Google Maps

November 16, 2013

How’s it snowing at 12th and Hemlock if it’s not snowing at Broadway and Granville?

Pusher, a digital creative agency in Australia, created an online Christmas card back in 2011 which is still impressing people two years later. The revised Pusher Christmas 2012 uses your address to show a scene of it snowing where you live. Neat trick.

A friend of mine received a link to the card from a friend of hers; both of them were amazed. My friend showed it to me, and I was also suitably impressed, but I could see how they did it. It was a clever use of the Google Maps Street View API.

Pusher is using a Google API (Application Programming Interface) to pipe the search results from Google Maps Street View onto their own page result and overlaying it with a transparent looping animation made using Adobe Flash.

Let’s say you “lived” at the McDonalds across from the bank on West Broadway


Step one: enter your street address and click on GO!.

O-M-G! That is SO amazing!

Type the same address in Google Maps and click the Street View option.

Bloggers can use Google APIs to integrate map content in their posts — here’s a tutorial of one approach. And here’s a simple way enables you to embed a Google Map in a post or on a page. Click the images to enlarge them.

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