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All too common sight of another leaky condo

January 16, 2014

Sunlight pierces the rainscreening of a building at 15th and Alder.

Here’s another building that has, as they say, “taken the veil.” Must be a hard decision and a major step in any leaky building’s life.

It represents a near-lifetime commitment, or it must feel that way to the people who not only have to live under the tarps and mosquito nets for a year or more, but who also get to pay for the privilege.

Considering how many building I can see in this condition in Fairview alone, I am led to wonder: If this tarp, mesh and scaffolding arrangement is so gosh-darned waterproof, why aren’t people just building this way to begin with? Click the images to enlarge them.

Too nice a day for all that rain gear.

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