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Have to really crane your neck to see it all

February 20, 2014

How many people driving by this construction site will have already forgotten what used to be here?

It’s probably about time to stop calling the crest at Arbutus Street and 16th Avenue the former site of the Ridge shopping centre. It is now the future site of Cressey’s Arbutus Ridge condominium development. I say that without caring for it to be true.

I’ll always miss the Ridge Centre. Over the course of 30 years, I shopped there, did my laundry there. went there with friends and by myself to see a lot of movies, and I ate a lot of meals there. I regret never trying the bowling alley.

It was a big old shopping mall with character that was associated with some of my fond memories. Now it only exists in my memory — all the physical details I remember, down to the date stamped into original sidewalk on the south side: “1950” –all gone.

Soon to be replaced by an uninteresting condo for rich people. In three to ten years when it starts leaking I’ll try not to feel good about it. Click the image to enlarge it.

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