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How to tell Kiesza didn’t shoot her video in East Van?

April 21, 2014

I know she looks like she’s in pain but trust me she’s probably just homesick for Calgary.

Kiesza is a mystery to me — a Canadian pop singer I was unaware of until I tripped over a reference to her two days ago.

A few Websites, one Wikipedia entry and a music video later I understand she’s originally from Calgary, Alberta, and that she was a codebreaker for the Royal Canadian Navy before she switched to a career in music. Also her debut single Hideaway entered the UK singles charts at No. 1, knocking a single by someone else I’ve never heard of down a notch to No. 2.

I enjoyed the video for Hideaway. It’s bright, upbeat and in constant sinuous motion — just like the song. The entire video is a continuous tracking shot. From the moment Kiesza emerges from a taxi cab she walks, skips and dances down the streets of a clean, bright, industrial neighbourhood, the camera always one step ahead of her. Along the way an ensemble of dancers pop in and out of the frame until, just like that, she gets into another cab.

Location, location, location!

I recognized the neighbourhood they filmed the video in as the area of warehouses and industrial retail located around the bottle depot at Ontario Street and 7th Avenue in East Vancouver even though there are telltale signs that the location was really New York City.

The cabs are marked as New York cabs and anyway we don’t have similar cabs in Vancouver and we certainly don’t have the Empire State Building and very little, if any, of out graffiti matches the excellence of what’s on display in the video.

Otherwise I’d swear it was shot east of Cambie Street but west of Main; somewhere between 8th and 5th Avenue. Same styles of buildings. Same fences. Same dumpsters. Even the skyline, with the one notable exception — is generic enough and low enough to be the skyline I see every day when I take bottles into the Go Green bottle depot.

I’m not even really convinced it isn’t East Van. They could have faked the cabs and edited in the Empire State Building and even imported the decent graffiti.

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  1. Lorraine Oh permalink

    Hi Stanley,

    The video was filmed in Brooklyn, NY. Google street view is a wonderful thing! The address for a building across the street from all the dancing is:
    Star Poly Bag, Inc
    94 N 13th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11249 – View Map
    Phone: (718) 384-3130



    • Oh sure. Spoil my fun! Ha. 🙂 Thanks for that. It is indeed am amazing thing to be able to “walk” down the streets of cities I’ve never even been to.


  2. ChristianNY permalink

    The adress is N12 St,Kent Av, Brooklyn, NY


  3. The adress is N12 St,Kent Av, Brooklyn, NY


  4. Seth permalink

    The link you supply to youtube even says thank you to everyone in nyc for making this happen


    • Thanks Hike for the link to the Google Street view of the Kent Ave & N 12th St block in Brooklyn, New York where Keisza’s brother, Blayre Ellestad, filmed her wonderful Hideaway video — in on take!

      My post was, of course, written tongue-in-cheek, if anyone wonders.

      Congratulations to Kiesza and her talented team for picking up two Jumo awards: record of the year for “Sound of a Woman” and top video for “Hideaway” at the non-televised portion of the Canadian music awards ceremony held this year at the Hamilton Convention Centre in Ontario, Canada.


  5. Ccs permalink

    If this was a feature film I’m sure they would have shot it in Van and faked the skyline and cabs to look like NYC.


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