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Our clouds sure clean up good!

April 27, 2014


It’s a wonder I’ve not found one traditional tale explaining rain as the way clouds wash their dirty slipcovers. Perhaps slipcovers are too new a thing or I haven’t looked hard enough.

Consider this afternoon’s view looking eastward over Alder Street just north of 8th Avenue.

A few days ago our clouds looked black enough to have been freighting coal. Now look at them! They look quite clean and fluffy. As well they should given all the wash-rinse-spin-repeat cycles we’ve just gone through.

Through the ringer is where we’ve gone!

Nice thing though, about how clouds do their laundry, it’s colour-safe. Almost all the grey has been washed out of the sky but there’s nothing washed out about that blue.

And while clouds over the Prairies always have a problem with static cling, to the degree that it makes for quite an electrifying show, in this part of the world clouds generate nary a spark and are obviously using some kind of anti-static dryer sheet. Click the image to enlarge it.

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