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Alder Street and 10th Avenue—the Mercator projection

May 26, 2014


Looking at the finished panorama I wasn’t even sure for a moment where I was standing but then I remembered.

This is the intersection of Alder Street with the alley running between 10th and 11th Avenue. I stood right in the middle of Alder looking south with enough room on either side of me for cars to get by.

In the finished result the centre street is Alder looking south toward 16th Avenue. The two branches on either side are the alley running east-west.

The sky should properly take up more of the image — the top edge is straight up over my head, but panoramas require all kind of distortion. In this case the finished result is mapped against an imaginary cylinder. The horizon line is the centre line of the cylinder and displays the least distortion. Towards the top of the panorama foreshortening becomes progressively more extreme as it’s “rolling” away from us on the imaginary tube. Click the image to enlarge.

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