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Look at the old Ivy League building

June 10, 2014

2750 spruce St. 10th Ave side

The morning here in Vancouver B.C. is a pleasant 12° Celsius (heading towards 18°) and overcast. Yesterday was warmer, averaging about 16° There was a light wind but nary a cloud to be seen.

The clear blue sky made a perfect backdrop for the green ivy covering the 10th Avenue side of the apartment building at 2570 Spruce Street.

Take a picture. It might last longer!

Built in 1923, the building’s apartments apparently all boast 10-foot-high ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces, Murphy beds and gas stoves. A 750 square foot, one-bedroom apartment has been known to rent for about $975. The building is currently assessed at a value of CAN$1.5 million while the land it sits on is worth about $4.4 million.

The 1927 apartment building on the east end of the block on 10th Avenue sold a few months ago for $11 million. The old apartment on the north side of the alley on Spruce Street was knocked down and in 2011 replaced with a condo.

The ivy certainly improves the appearance of this otherwise drab building but even if it didn’t, it’s probably so deeply hooked into the stucco that it’s there for the life of the building, however long that is. Click the image to enlarge it.

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