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Perhaps it was a bucket list

June 16, 2014


An Allteck bucket truck appeared in the mouth of the alley across from the McDonald’s on West Broadway just off South Granville. This was at about 7 or 8 p.m. Sunday evening.

For quite a while the truck just sat there with its flashers going. What caught my eye was the way the beam from the revolving roof light crawled along the masonry wall. But I was also interested to see what, if anything, Allteck was there to do. This is a company that is all about wooden utility poles and power transmission. Nothing looked amiss and the truck was under a utility pole construction that was only a few years old.

Work involving electricity never looks electrifying

Eventually the driver got out of the cab and into the bucket. He ascended two thirds the way up along side one of the wooden utility poles. He waved around a long rod and then he nailed a sign or paper of some sort to the pole at a height that was accessible only to birds and people with bucket trucks.

And then he packed up and left.

Another Allteck bucket truck came by a few hours later but any action was out of sight on the ground. Click the image below to enlarge it.


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