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They are here to serve us

June 17, 2014


Aliens from the binary star system Arcturus walk among us unseen. They live in our neighbourhoods, eat in our restaurants and shop in our stores.

Their possible presence in your neighbourhood is generally evidenced by empty Woolite containers in the garbage or recycling. Occasionally there are other signs. I was lucky enough to find two today hanging from a second floor apartment balcony.

Arcturans must frequently wash their human disguises by hand (or rather pseudopodia), in cold water. So while not all Woolite is used by aliens, all aliens from Arcturus use Woolite. Remember that.

Arcturans should not be confused with Pleiadians, the so-called “Nordic aliens”, a multidimensional alien species from the Pleiades star systems. Pleiadians appear to be prone to sunburn and posting silly photos of themselves on the Internet with their eyes grotesquely Photoshopped. Apparently they’ve been here for a good time and a very long time. Click the image to enlarge it.

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