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The yachting types gather in Point Grey

June 19, 2014


Fast clean lines. two Farr 30 class racing yachts on their race.

Fast clean lines. Two Farr 30 class racing yachts on their way…to race.

A yacht race is starting tomorrow in the upscale neighbourhood of Point Grey. Champagne and oysters for everyone!

This morning over breakfast I photographed two of the competing yachts in the westbound lane of West Broadway Avenue.

No, West Broadway is not part of the race course.

Both yachts were being towed in their trailers to 3811 Point Grey Road, the street address of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club which is hosting the 2014 Farr 30 North American Championships from June 19th to the 22nd.

Whatever floats your boat!

Today (Thursday, June 19) is the day for final registration and various preliminary details like measuring the boats and weighing the crews. The next three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, are the race days proper.

The Royal Vancouver Yacht club is at the western end of Point Grey on the southern shore of English Bay, in the area of Jericho Beach. The race will, I’m guessing, be taking place out beyond English Bay in the Burrard Inlet, which I understand is part of the Pacific Ocean.

Farr 30” is a name given to a class of racing yacht designed in 1995. According to the designers, the goal was to use complex materials and technologies to produce a most uncomplicated boat that was fun, fast and economical.

Only one team was easily identifiable from the yachts I saw this morning.

Team Project Mayhem Racing describes themselves as a competitive sailing team racing out of Seattle, Washington, United States. They started racing together in July 2012. The team says they all share a passion for “SPEED”. Click the images to enlarge them.

Update: And the winner is…

Here are the race results as posted by the RVYC. Eleven boats raced in the Farr 30 North American Championships 2014.  In order of their final rank:

Through (Can), Patricia (US), Dopamine (US), Project Mayhem (US), Idiopathic (Can), Deep Pickle (US), Nefarious (US), Spiny Norman (Can), M Power (Can), 65 Redroses (Can) and Bat Out Of Hell (US).

The winning team in the Through yacht was helmed by Andrew Hamilton and races out of the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    I think Burrard Inlet is part of the Strait of Georgia (sometimes referred to as ‘the ditch’), but now properly recognized as part of the Salish Sea. You can’t see the Pacific Ocean from Vancouver. Maybe from the Vancouver to the south though.

    • I’m ignorat about such things. I was going by online mapping — particularly Google — labeling the area of water north of the western tip of the University endowment lands as “Burrard Inlet”. It is all the same water as the Pacific…isn’t it? (asked the former Prairie boy who has only once swum in the ocean).

      As long as no one gets lost at sea following my directions.

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