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Organized religion punked by nature — again

July 3, 2014

No offense to the people of St. Mary’s over on West 14th Avenue but if I believed in and wanted to worship a creator-slash-supreme being why would I ever do it inside a buildingy? Click the image to enlarge it.

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Taxation incentives? Real estate investment? Somewheres for the gang to meet for a couple hours a week? Most are extremely under utilized, almost abandoned, but certainly somebody does get wages for upkeep, i would think. Maybe it’s a make work project……… Do not think about it too long, I would advise. Just drink the kool-aid. BTW, didja see the house made with a 3-D printer, out of scrap stuff i think. Let’s all save up for a great big honkin’ printer. Houses fer all!!!


    • I’ve long been intrigued by the fact that so many Christian churches would have basements. I thought symbolism was supposed to be their forte.

      So far I seen one video of full-size structural house parts being printed in China — pretty interesting. I’ve read that one of the current drawbacks with 3D (deposition) printing is the strength of the “printed” object.

      I expect 3D printing technology to be one of the things that completely changes society in my lifetime.

      Read Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age — see the future.


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