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Summertime is strawberry pie McFlurry time!

July 12, 2014


My first experience this year with a baked pie McFlurry was a tasty success.

This was at the McDonald’s off South Granville on West Broadway Avenue — where I spend too much time. And it was on the occasion of not only summer but the limited-time introduction of a strawberry baked pie.

I planned it to follow a meal so I could buy the pie a bit in advance to let it cool. Hot pies are fine but they do melt the ice cream in the McFlurry faster.

As easy as pie

The “flurrying” of the baked pie is nothing special. The pie is broken into pieces into the McFlurry cup with the ice cream and the wand mixer makes short work of mixing the soft crumbly baked pie with the ice cream.

Baked pie McFlurrys are something that some experienced McDonald’s staff learn to make for themselves. So when I ask for a McFlurry made with a baked pie I find that manager-level employees almost always known what I want. It’s only less experienced staff who occasionally give me that quizzical “deer in headlights” look.

In eight requests at three locations in the last year I’ve never had a McDonald’s refuse to McFlurry a baked pie.

For all its assembly line mechanization the McDonald’s system seems to have a high built-in tolerance for wacky customizations. Like the free coffee refill, they just don’t advertise the fact.

If I brought in a small cupful of clean, fresh raspberries or blackberries that I had just picked in the neighbourhood, I bet I could have them blended into a McFlurry, if I asked nicely.

Who doesn’t like pie and ice cream…in a cup!

Baked pie McFlurrys are really tasty — less sweet, more flavourful and bursting with “mouth-appeal”. I think they should be on the regular menu.

Everyone who’s had a McDonald’s baked pie will remember just how sugary they are but a baked pie in a McFlurry is noticeably less sweet than the regular toppings: Oreo, Rollo or Smarties.

So you know, a baked pie McFlurry may be less sweet but it is a bit more rich — you are paying for both a McFlurry and a baked pie.

Last summer a couple introduced me to the notion that a McFlurry could be mixed with a McDonald’s baked pie.

Then the limited-time second pie was blueberry and the couple made as if a blueberry pie McFlurry was a particularly sinful treat. They couldn’t stop talking about it and it nearly made me blush the way they devoured one.

But what looked a bit like foreplay might also have been good sense.

If it’s made with a piping-hot pie, you do want to eat the McFlurry quickly. Click the image to enlarge it.

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