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We were both different kinds of lucky

July 14, 2014



Whew! It’s the ten dollar bill I dropped. That was close.

I was a lazy binner today so when I left the bottle depot all I had was an extra ten dollar dollar bill in my pocket. But I was going to be fine money-wise. My next stop was the Save on Foods supermarket at 8th Avenue and Cambie Street — to cash in a whole bunch milk bottles.

I had binned a pile of them earlier with the rest of my returnable containers but the one dollar deposit on Avalon milk bottles is refundable only at stores that sell the bottled milk not Encorp bottle depots.

All I had to do was to keep from breaking any of them before I made it to the supermarket bottle return counter (I haven’t always been so lucky).

Maybe luck always comes in pairs: good and bad

After I locked up my bike and trailer and as I was carefully packing the gleaming bottles into my detachable wire bike basket, I chatted with a couple who were unlocking their two crappy bikes from the bike rack. They explained to me that they had been having terrible luck; thieves had stolen two of their bikes already this summer.

I really felt bad for them. Having two bike stolen in row. Ouch!

When I returned to my bike and trailer (both still there!) after cashing in the milk bottles I heard a “hey, hey, hey!” behind me.

An elderly man and woman were walking up behind my trailer and the gentleman was trying to draw my attention towards something.

On the sidewalk behind the trailer was my ten dollar bill from the bottle depot.

I was stunned. How did it pop out of my pocket?

I could vividly imagine my dismay cashing in the milk bottles only to realize later I had lost the ten dollar bill.

Lucky for me this couple spotted it. I thanked them but they had already gotten up steam and were nearly at the corner.

In a way it would have served me right, I thought, if I had lost it. When I left the depot I should have known better that to just push the bill into my front pocket. I should have taken the time to put it in my wallet properly.

But hadn’t I just done the same thing with the five dollar bill and dollar coin the supermarket had just given me — stuffed them both in the same pocket?

I quickly fished around in my front left pocket and pulled out a five dollar bill and a linen ten dollar bill.


Oh, right. I forgot. The ten I received from the bottle depot had been an older linen paper bill. The one I just found on the ground was a new polymer.

So…then…maybe that poor couple who already had the bad luck to have two great bicycles stolen also just lost a crisp ten dollar bill?

I really feel complicated for them. Click the images to enlarge them.


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