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Taking your poetry where you find it

July 19, 2014


As art forms go, poetry is wonderfully déclassé — an art form for the masses, especially when compared to something like opera.

Poetry can wear its art the way women wear nylons, meaning you can appreciate and care about poetry and women without knowing much about either art or nylons.

Eeek eine Fledermaus!

Before you can properly begin to enjoy opera you literally have to fight your way past its art which it wears pretentiously like an armoured breastplate. Opera requires — nay demands — its audience be educated in not only the history of opera itself but also in the the history and languages of Europe.

One of the neat things about poetry is the less you know about it the more you can actually enjoy it. With the right amount of ignorance (there is no wrong amount) almost every written thing in your world will seem to be poetry.

And then you can enjoy the things you read without worrying too much whether they make sense or not and your world will be a much better place.

And happiness too swiftly flies.
Thought would destroy their paradise.
No more; where ignorance is bliss,
‘Tis folly to be wise.

Last bit of Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College by Thomas Gray

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  1. This is exactly how I feel about postwar American art–Pollock splatters, Rothko color block studies. Sure, there’s lots of thought behind what they’re rebelling against and the long history of art behind them, but it’s just as valid to look at one of those painting and say “I think I see a bunny in those splotches.” I admire things can be essentialist like that. You see what you want to see, and no one can tell you it’s wrong.


    • Thank you! It was worth getting up this morning just so I could read: “I think I see a bunny in those splotches.”

      We don’t even need abstract art to tell us we can turn anything into art. We just need to remember being children…looking at clouds. Which is what artists like Rothko never forget.


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