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Trashing CBSA shirts borders on careless

July 25, 2014


The Canada Border Services Agency probably, almost certainly, absolutely definitely, must have guidelines for the proper disposal of guard uniforms.

I’m guessing that a public dumpster behind an apartment building in the Fairview neighbourhood isn’t a proper place to throw away government agency uniforms but that’s where I found a whole big box-full of navy blue CBSA uniform shirts.

Who’s guarding against the possibility of impersonation?

Nice shirts — button-down collars, heavy-weight fabric — each with two large gusseted pockets. I think all of them had been worn but they were all in great condition, so far as I could tell — and clean.

These shirts would have been perfect for my idea of setting up border controls on Ontario Street between Mount Pleasant and Fairview but I resisted the urge to keep any. I suspect there are all sorts of legal issues involved in both declaring sovereignty and wearing uniforms shirts branded with CBSA patches.

Perhaps the shirts’ acronym patch design has been replaced by a spelled-out “Border Services” patch but I still think the shirts look too official to be disposed of in such a cavalier fashion.

I don’t know if any other binners or dumpster divers helped them selves to a shirt. It’s been over two weeks since I took the photos and the shirts are long gone.

If you do see what looks like a Canadian Border Services guard binning for returnable bottles in your back alley be advised that it’s not what it looks like. The real CBSA guards actually make pretty good money. Click the images to enlarge them.


The post ends up making the Sunday paper
  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Congrats on ‘found uniforms’ story mention in the Sunday Province newspaper page A12. Nice to see all the quotations from that blog, shows your amusing readable style. As for the content of the story, kinda scary……….

    • Thank you. I was at McDonald’s unnaturally early for me for a Sunday — 8:00 a.m. — I was there by appointment to photograph a sculpture made from pieces of the Jericho wharf. I was a bit bleary eyed and skipped through the Sunday Province without seeing much of it…I did see an item on a UGM barbecue and the big word “homeless” but thought “feh, not more stories about bums!”

      Another fellow who knows me actually came over and flipped the pages back to point out the CBSA item to me. 🙂

  2. So, it sounds like you saw them and then simply left them there even though you knew that this was rather fishy? Sorry but that’s rather dumb don’t you think? If you had half a clue you should have grabbed them and taken them to the police.. a no brainer really!

    • Not fishy if no one touches them. And it’s a potential five year prison term for possessing them. Homeless folk aren’t used to getting the same benefit of the doubt you are apparently. But I take your point, it’s my fault they were there not whomever tossed them out.

      Can’t win really. Sanctimonious people such as yourself (who are entitle to you opinion) and binners screaming that I shouldn’t talk about what we find in dumpsters and others saying I was a fool and could’ve gotten up to $1000 per shirt.

    • Anne Watson permalink

      I second that

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