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possible sighting of an iratus birdus

July 27, 2014


It was a real treat, earlier in the week, to see a Steller’s jay for the first time and be able to post photographs of the bright blue-plumed bird.

I love to blog about all the urban critters I see in Vancouver, whether they scamper, run, push a shopping cart, ride a bike or fly.

My friend Murray, who lives in Fairview up near 16th Avenue, wasn’t so impressed with that Steller’s jay post. He says he sees those jays a lot. He says one of them is in the habit of flying into his apartment through the open patio door on his balcony. He says that once it came into his apartment and buried a peanut in one of his planters! He says.

Can’t top that. Not even going to try.

What an unhappy flippin’ bird


Not hummingbird-cute by a long shot.

But I did see another bird today, the likes of which I have never seen before in Fairview. This one was likewise brightly coloured, with a yellow beak, reddish-pink body and a white underbelly.

But wow! Are there such things as angry birds? This one certainly appeared to be scowling something fierce.

It wasn’t just the bird’s expression that was unusual; there was also its cannonball  profile which seemed to be fit only for ballistic flight at best.

And so it was. When it finally flew (with my help) it leapt straight up in the air, paused for a moment near a tree branch and flew straight down, hitting the ground head first — ouch!

If that’s how it has to get around then it would have good reason to be an angry bird. Click the images to enlarge them.


On second thought it may be a flightless bird. Oops!

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