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Finally — homeless security guards!

August 2, 2014


This photograph was taken yesterday from inside the Chapters bookstore on the northwest corner of South Granville Street and Broadway Avenue.

Is this a panhandler wearing an Aegis security guard jacket or an Aegis security guard panhandling?

Of course I’m being facetious. I know I saw something on the Internet about guard shirts in the wild but who can believe the Internet? This must be an actual security guard.

If security services can’t even guard their uniforms then what good are they?

Been ages since Aegis Security has been in Vancouver

“Aegis” generally means protection and support. Specifically the word is from Greek mythology and refers to the divine protection of gods such as Zeus and Athena.

The classical cachet and gravitas of the word has made it a popular name for security companies around the world.

I don’t think there is such a security company in Vancouver these days but I think there once was — I do recognize the “Aegis Security Ltd.” logo on the shoulder patch of the fleece jacket. That logo has each letter of the name in a different colour and includes a white bird — also apparently a Latin motto ending in the word “paratior” which means “better”.

The shoulder patch on jacket the panhandler is wearing also features a maple leaf and a fleur-de-lys. This suggests eastern Canada which, according to the Yellow Pages, has been home to at least one “Aegis Security Agency Ltd.” in Thornhill, Ontario. Click the image to enlarge it.

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