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How many gigs of fire does this flash drive hold?

August 2, 2014

Good photography ain’t cheap! Had to buy fries to get the reflection off the red box.

Actually this thing fresh out of a dumpster isn’t a flash drive — unless you use it in the middle of a gas leak.

It looks like a USB flash drive but it’s a lighter, an electric lighter that can be recharged via USB: gasless, flameless and unless you smoke — pointless, says me, the non-smoker.

But ridiculously neat says me, the geek.

 Finally a lighter for your computer


The Ignite USB lighter uses an electric induction coil just like a car cigarette lighter only it plugs into your computer.

This just reinforces my point that computers really are the new cars (cars are the old cars).

Your files can go on drives. You can travel the information superhighway (if you’re still stuck in 1996) and, if not rubber, you can at least burn DVDs.

Of course, you can always crash your computer.

But I thought most people were quitting smoking and the laggards were switching to electronic cigarettes — apparently I’m wrong on both counts.

I thought it was cool but on second thought…


The company says the USB lighter will work about 75 times on a full charge. Some customers reviews put the number of lights as low as 10.

The device is quite bulky and surprisingly heavy — it has to be almost all battery — and the very thing that gives it geek chic — looking like a USB pen drive — creates a real risk of people holding and operating it the wrong way round.

I gave it to a friend who smokes and showed him how it works. He understood but in a moment of forgetfulness he held it like a flash drive — with the USB plug pointing away from him. I watched him absentmindedly thumb the switch that slides to simultaneously reveal the induction coil and fire it up to red-hotness.

He was startled. Fortunately he wasn’t burned.

I see that this gizmo costs just over 10 dollars and is sold at finer convenience stores where it will be sitting on the counter — a potential impulse buy for bar-hoppers, club-goers and other late night drinkers.

What could go wrong? Click the images to enlarge them.


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