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A ladybug’s progress

August 3, 2014


Nothing can meander quite like a ladybug.

A few days ago I watched this one on a wall skittering this way and that, backwards and forwards and around in circles, going absolutely nowhere for a half an hour.

Still a lady’s prerogative to change her mind?

I could seen no rhythm or reason to the ladybug’s travel path.

I was interested to see how dented and creased its polka-dotted carapace was — I don’t suppose there are ladybug autobody shops.

And it had the neatest frilly little fern-like “feet”. Click the images to enlarge it.


From → Fairview, ladybugs

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Quite the picture of a ladybug landing on, could of been, a buckwheat flower. Its wings had not folded up into the spotted ‘shell’ yet. The scientist was saying how they preferred the fields with buckwheat.


    • You’re being silly. 🙂 It’s a multiple exposure of the same ladybug four times wandering around the corner of a wall covered in textured wallpaper… very similar to a buckwheat flower but not identical.


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