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Doin’ the milk bottle shuffle

August 4, 2014

Not one of today’s find but Avalon bottles have looked the same for decades.

Today has been B.C. Day. I think that stands for “Beer’s Cold” but don’t quote me.

I relaxed until about 4 p.m. and even then I didn’t make much of an effort to find refundable beverage containers — it was too hot for that.

I had no plans to cash anything in and anyways the bottle depot at Ontario Street and 7th Avenue closed at 3 p.m. — holiday hours.

Then I found a bag of 10 glass Avalon milk bottles. All sparkling clean and worth a dollar each.

I had to cash those in. Couldn’t leave them on my trailer. They would be too tempting a target for unscrupulous people. And I’m not just referring to homeless people and binners either.

I hardt fresh thinking from cool cashiers

Avalon glass milk bottles can only be returned for refund at retailers that sell Avalon milk in glass bottles. Fortunately, just a few blocks from where I found the bottles there was one such retailer.

I’m referring to Meinhardt Fine Foods, the most expensive and wonderful conveniences store on earth, which is located on the south east corner of 15th Avenue and South Granville Street.

I’ve returned Avalon milk bottles at Meinhardt many times. The bottles have to be perfectly clean and you need to initial the receipt.

But until today I had never cashed in more than three at a time so I didn’t know they limited customers to returning a maximum of six milk bottles at a time.

The very nice cashier looked at my 10 bottles and very helpfully explained to me that the limit of six had to do with the store’s limited storage space. She then explained with a big customer-friendly smile that I could take my remaining bottles to another cashier.

What? Uh…right.

I queued up at the back of the line again and shuffled forward as each customer ahead of me was engaged by one of the four cashiers.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.

And I was face to face with my original cashier. We looked at each other as if, well, if it wasn’t love then it was certainly destiny.

I told her that I had four Avalon milk bottles all nice and clean and her reply was a happy question:

“Oh really?”

Apparently bureaucracy, when it’s done right, can be cool.

And speaking of cool, Until I had my encounter with that very cool cashier today I believed that the McDonald’s on Broadway Avenue around the corner from South Granville Street had good air conditioning. Now I know better.

The McDonald’s has poor air conditioning while Meinhardt has the very rich variety.

It’s not true that three security guards had to drag me kicking and screaming out of Meinhardt and back into the blazing hot sun.

The store doesn’t employ three security guards. Click the image to enlarge.

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