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This ladybug hitched a ride out of East Van

August 5, 2014


As I pedaled my way out of East Vancouver towards Fairview, after cashing in refundable beverage containers, I could feel the hot sun and the cool breeze and then the teensy little impact of something crash-landing on my arm.

No worries, the ladybug was fine.

I didn’t want to flick it off my arm into traffic and as long as it wasn’t biting, tickling or otherwise especially distracting me I resolved to leave it alone.

For the next two-and-some kilometres I rode my bike and the ladybug rode my right arm. It wandering the length and circumference exposed by my short sleeve T-shirt but exhibited the good sense to stay off my hand.

The lady(bug) vanishes


I brought it in to McDonald’s but that’s where we parted company. I left it on a counter top and it sat there for a good long while doing nothing.

Finally it bestirred itself and wandered out of sight. A half hour later I saw it trundling up a particular wall — the last ladybug I saw in McDonald’s headed the same way up the same wall.

I only looked away for a moment but when I looked back it was nowhere to be seen. Poof! Gone.

No idea where it got to but at least I know how it got to be there in the first place. Click the images above to enlarge them.


Close up, these ladybugs look like they really take a pounding!

  1. Slowcrow permalink

    I don’t know. Sounds like a serious case of distracted driving to me . Thank heavens you both survived. Check out the ladybug’s wings and how that hard shell casing opens and closes (it was on the link you posted awhile ago, regarding those amazing feathery feet). Noticed a dragonfly moving very strangely on the side of the road. Realized it was dead, not damaged-looking though, and some ants were moving it along, home for supper, i guess.


    • Wow. What an bizarrely evocative image. A cross between a sombre funeral procession and Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner. I’ll check out the link.


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