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Dolls have a crappy retirement package

August 7, 2014


It’s happened to me many times over the years, but for the second time in as many weeks I’ve come across a discarded, realistic, life-size human baby doll. Not in the garbage but on the garbage. Deliberately left out as if to die of exposure, like some unwanted baby out of Greek mythology; perchance to be scooped up by some passing deity.

Not a lot of deities running around in the back alleys; just regular folk and binners and some of us binners are apparently sensitive.

This is creepy. Stop doing it!


A product of Peterkin Dolls World.

It’s only a doll right?. It’s not real. It was never alive; it was just pretend alive.

So then, at the end of its pretend life, I think it should be pretend buried or pretend cremated. Not pretend abandoned.

I’m just saying and wondering.

Do children become emotionally attached to the dolls they play with. Does it bother them to see one of their dolls so openly discarded or do they recognize it simply as a thing that has outlived its usefulness?

I guess if the children who played with the dolls in the first place are fine with it then I shouldn’t be such a big cry baby.

But it bothers me for some reason and I don’t even play with dolls. Click the images to enlarge them.


“…if only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes!” — Blade Runner (1982)

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