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The leaf of things to come

August 15, 2014


Every day It feels more like autumn and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I think four of the last five days — Tuesday to Friday morning — Vancouver has enjoyed rain. Thursday evening it was really coming down!

Of course the rain has been wet but refreshingly so. Never cold or annoying.

This is autumn on it’s best bahaviour. We’ve been getting a deliberately soft, lulling rain, for public relations purposes. It’s rain with a message:

“Hello there,

Sure autum is coming, it’s the natural cycle of the seasons. But it’s not so bad.

Summer’s good but you can get too much of a good thing.

Weren’t you getting a bit tired of that blazing sun?

Isn’t this soothing?

Of course it is.

Fall is your friend. Not your fair weather friend like some seasons we could name but your true friend; your BFF if you will.

And you know, fall is the season that likes you enough to give you back the hour of sleep that spring stole from you. Don’t forget that.”

Sure. Let’s all try to remember that, particularly in November. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Well, homelessness maybe is a tragic state of mind, (basically of not ‘belonging or at ease’.) some folks can feel homeless in a fancy apartment. BUT, roofless in the rain forest in winter, now that is a fact that is dreadful to think about. One little slip of concentration and things can get real complicated. Sleep should be a United Nations guaranteed human right……

    • Being homeless does change your point of view — almost inverts it. things that once may have preoccupied you like rent, paying utilities, redecorating, these no longer concern you at all. Things you may have taken somewhat for granted, like sleeping, staying dry, bathing and eating, they become problems you have to solve — some you have to re-solve every day.

      I agree about the importance of sleep.

  2. San permalink

    Never stop posting !

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