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Getting my ten cents worth out of this tequila bottle

August 25, 2014


Today in the course of my binning for beverage containers I came across a Jose Cuervo tequila bottle. Normally nothing too special about that. It’s an alcohol bottle under a litre so it has a refundable deposit value of one thin dime.

That’s assuming the bottle can be identified for what it is, which normally requires it has its labeling intact.

Like the Greek myth about flying too close to the tequila


Not only did this bottle no longer have a paper label, it had been painted top to bottom with bright stripes of colour — blue and reddish orange and yelllow — in a deliberately crude rustic manner.

However the brand name and the fact it was a tequila bottle from Mexico were molded in raised letters on the glass bottle itself.

So I could have laboriously pointed all this out at the bottle depot and perhaps won my thin dime (and perhaps not).

I decided not to bother and contented myself with taking some photographs.

The best photos were of the bottle blocking the sun so as to be full of light — appropriate as some would say (and I couldn’t disagree) that tequila itself is sunshine in a bottle. Click the images to enlarge them.



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