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Just baby steps from City Hall

August 31, 2014


I live in a wonderful city where I see young parents exhibit real concern if their small bundles of joy (usually children, sometimes dogs) so much as touch the sidewalk let alone try to pick something up off the street.

Well I was pleased to see the other day that at least one proud set of parents didn’t let fear of dirt, germs, illicit drug residue, infectious diseases, human and/or animal waste stop them from immortalizing a moment in the life of their little tyke.

On Yukon Street, just across from Vancouver City Hall a date is permanently scratched in the sidewalk: “APRIL 09” underneath the imprint of two tiny toddler-sized feet.

So sweet!

Anyway that’s what I’m assuming we’re seeing — a touching concrete reminder of a family’s love — but I can’t really be sure can I?

He did jump into Vancouver politics feet first

For instance, the young political party Vision Vancouver  took office just across the street in the City Hall at the very end of 2008. By April of 2009 the administration of Mayor Gregor Robertson was still in its infancy.

I’m not suggesting for a minute those are the footprints of the 39th Mayor of Vancouver.

If they are, then the political opponents of Vision Vancouver, from the NPA and the Cedar Party — those who who will be contesting the job of Mayor in the November 15 Vancouver municipal election — don’t have such big shoes to fill as I thought. Click the image to enlarge it.


Happy feet make for happy planet!

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