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Time for nature to take over watering sidewalks?

August 31, 2014


Thank goodness that’s almost over for another year.

The autumn rains may be just in time. I’m not sure we could have gone another month watering the sidewalks and the roads and our lawns.  There’s only so much water in our reservoirs; something surely had to give, and soon.

Obviously that would’ve been the lawns and then the roads. Watering the grass after all is a case of Vancouverites going that extra distance to indulge their love of nature.

But not if it comes at the expense of our sidewalks — which must — MUST — be watered!

Why? Because we always have — that’s why!

Evidence of "sprinkle fatigue". Whereas this sidewald should be

Evidence of “sprinkle fatigue”. A sidewalk only  half watered.

Where natural forces once met this need 365 days a year, it now falls to the human agency to make up for the shortage of natural rainfall during much of the summer.

It’s a strain on our resources but it has to be done. It has been done for several years now and hopefully we’re just about done our part  for another year.

Look, none of us like the extra work but there’s no use complaining. The sidewalks aren’t going to water themselves!

Nobody said global warming would be easy to deal with. And frankly, if it keeps up this way. estimates are that in five years we’ll all have to start watering our shingles as well. Click the images to enlarge them.


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