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Work on the Arbutus Ridge condo drags on

September 4, 2014

Inactive school boards going back into storage? Nope. Just work on the new Ridge.

Hey! People living in the Arbutus Ridge area. Getting bored with Cressy’s Arbutus Ridge condo development at Arbutus Street and 16th Avenue?

Boy is that slow work. Like watching paint dry (assuming paint can swear like a construction worker).

Given how much underground parking there is, the structure is probably nearly as deep in the ground as it will be tall in the air.

A big mess of concrete and plywood

It was back at the beginning of the year, in January, when all the wreckage from the original Ridge Centre had been finally cleared and I looked down into the deepening abyss that was being dug for the foundations and underground parking of the new condo development.

Eight months later work appears to be more-or-less up to ground level. But that says nothing about how finished the underground part is.

I don’t think the project is anywhere near halfway done, which suggests the projected 2015 completion date would have to be late summer 2015 at the earliest.

An unexplainable and overwhelming feeling of loss

As I was coming back from a western foray into Kitsilano I found myself kind of sneaking up on the new Ridge development from behind.

As I came closer and closer, zigzagging through back alleys that I know after all these years like the back of my hand, a wholly irrational feeling crept over me until it nearly had the weight of a certainty.

I would finish up my eastward trek back to Arbutus Street in the block of alley on the north side of 16th. I would come to the intersection with the alley on the west side of Arbutus and there it would be: the familiar beige stucco exterior of the back of the old Ridge Centre — just like always — extending from 15th to 16th Avenue.

If I turned right I could exit on 16th by the yoga studio and continue on the sidewalk past the McDonald’s. Or I could turn left onto 15th Avenue and ride up to Arbutus past the bowling alley with its iconic bowling pin and the Ridge Garden restaurant.

And the, just like that, the feeling was gone. I knew that the old familiar thing wouldn’t be there. And it wasn’t. And I stopped and looked at the ugly new thing growing in its place and I felt terribly sad. Click the image to enlarge it.

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