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“Let’s do lunch” said the spider to the fly

September 5, 2014


It’s too late for you gullible fly. You should never have accepted a lunch invitation from a European garden spider, especially when the spider told you it was “your treat”!

And the spider?

“Hate to eat and run”, said the spider, “but I’ve really gotta fly”! Click the image to enlarge it.

From → Fairview, Spiders

  1. San permalink

    You are amazing..dry wry and tenderly funny.


    • *Blush* (most aren’t aware that we don’t just blush with our cheeks, we also blush on the insides of our tummies. Weird huh?).

      What a wonderful thing to read. That’s the kind of coal a person’s self-esteem engine runs on! We should all wear T-shirts emblazoned with such warm, affirming sentiments for complete strangers to read!!

      You’re in charge of writing the the book jacket blurbs if I ever get published, ‘kay?


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