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Yeah well, fuck the taggers too!

September 7, 2014


Within the last few days a long-standing mural in the 100 block of Manitoba Street, between 7th and 8th Avenue, has been ruined by graffiti tagging.

The mural is a rather bucolic landscape scene in thick brushstrokes signed by J. Whitehead and J. Kitchkeesic and dated 2006.

Over the summer the northern edge of the mural was tagged and the building painted over the section in sky blue paint. Now the rest of the mural has been tagged heavily with stylized signatures and one plain statement easy enough for everyone to read: “fuck the world”. Now the mural is ruined in it’s entirety — obviously the tagger’s intent.

In this way the tagging stands revealed for what it is: a cry of mediocrity in the face of other people’s talent and effort.

There’s no excuse for this.

The inability of many graffiti taggers to create anything remotely creative and original, along with the inadequacy, envy and jealousy they may feel as a result, is not sufficient license for these losers to spray bomb other artists’ original murals.

This tagger may have a bright career ahead of them


Reading between the tag. The mural artists’ signatures.

When you can’t create you can always destroy. And the sad fact is, destroying by-and-large pays better.

Wantonly spraying black paint all over a landscape and forever ruining it. What does that remind you of?

Possibly this tagger can look forward to a high-paying career in the petroleum industry — trading spray cans for oil tankers?

It would certainly be a step up for a graffiti tagger — as an oil company executive they could do so much more damage on so much larger a canvas.

But mind you, these are still important positions — fiduciary responsibility and all that. You don’t just get the opportunity to tag and spray-bomb whole ecosystems with petroleum just handed to you. Before you get that kind of authority, you have to prove you’re worthy of the responsibility.

A background in maliciously tagging for the sole purpose of ruining things may look good on a person’s resume — might make the difference with the HR boffins at Petroxx or Wrexaco or whatever multinational oil company you want to start your career at.

Equating malicious graffiti tagging to an oil spill may be a stretch I grant you but given that I do it, you can imagine how I felt back in June, after the Harper government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline project, when some twit was running around spray painting “NO PIPELINES” in giant, ugly black letters on walls all over Vancouver. Click the images to enlarge.


The mural as it existed for nearly eight years. — Google Maps


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