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Pray for the poultry — especially the turkeys

September 10, 2014



It’s not even the middle of September but the time that poultry, and particularly turkeys, refer to as the “Great Cull” is just around the corner.

This three month ordeal begins every year on the second Monday of October with a holiday that turkeys know as “Thanks-for-nothing Day” — first in Canada and then repeated six weeks later in the United States. And it culminates a scant four weeks later with “Oh Christ! Not Again Day”.

Before you say that’s sacrilegious, look at it from the turkeys’ point of view.

Some turkey already put up their Christmas decorations!


In other holiday-related news, we see that some apartment dweller in Fairview seems to have finished their Christmas decorations far ahead of schedule.

We might even be inclined, here and now, to give out the award for Best Seasonal Christmas Decorations by a Fairview Renter — the decorations are up; they’re Christmas-y; They’re on straight and technically they light up at night (the bar is set pretty low in this neighbourhood).

The only thing holding us back is the sneaking suspicion that these decorations are here not because someone just put them up but because they never took them down.

We’re pretty sure that would disqualify them on the basis that they’re perennial rather than seasonal decorations but we should double check with the judges.

Oh, that’s right. We are the judges. Click the images to enlarge them.


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