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Fairview is on a bit of a classic car jag

September 14, 2014


Classic cars and trucks are becoming a common sight in Fairview — more so the farther west you go.

Kitsilano — the next neighbourhood to the west — must be filthy with them.

But in a neighbourhood where the rare and uncommon are commonplace — where it’s nothing to see parking lots full of expensive Land Rovers or Lexuses, or even lines of restored 1950s pickup trucks — a Jaguar E-Type sports car remains a rare and welcome sight.

One of the fastest looking cars ever built

There may be safety regulations against having too many Jaguar E-Types in one place. This may risk triggering a critical mass event or bending  the very laws of physics.

But I think mostly the E-Types are too rare and solitary a breed to run in packs — when they run, that is.

The Jaguar XK-E (as it’s officially titled) is universally appreciated for its dramatically sleek body styling.  It looks like it’s racing when it’s standing still.

This is just as well, because I’ve always been told that half the time they can’t move for want of some obscure part. Click to enlarge the images.

Beautiful car, especially if you like that surprised amphibian look.

Beautiful car, especially if you go for that surprised amphibian look.

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