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Seniors suffer thru McDonald’s Monopoly contest

September 30, 2014
The Monopoly millionaire and the homeless person.

The Monopoly millionaire and the homeless person. Ivan nods off over his senior’s coffee.

The national sport of Canada kicks off its short annual season today and I’m not referring to NHL hockey either. I mean that McDonald’s Canada’s popular Monopoly promotion is back until November 2.

That means that for the next month the loyalty card coffee stickers are gone from the coffee cups.

Monopoly contest stickers replace coffee stickers on the medium and large coffee cup sizes. The small coffee cups have neither Monopoly nor coffee stickers.

The removal of the coffee sticker from the small cups are a real loss for all the seniors on fixed incomes who come to McDonald’s for the $1.25 senior discount coffee (not to mention all the homeless people). This morning in the McDonald’s off South Granville every elderly regular customer could be heard to note the absence of the coffee sticker.

Meanwhile, the Monopoly contest is also in effect in McDonald’s restaurants on the south side of the 49th parallel north. However, in the U.S. the loss of the coffee stickers is somewhat offset by a one week promotion of free small coffee.

Who will win, besides McDonald’s?

I don’t see a lot of seniors upscaling to play the Monopoly contest but other patrons will be able to collect game piece stickers off an array of food products statistically chosen to drive Monopoly-sticker-chasing customers to buy more and larger portions of McFood.

And there is a little printed game board to carry around and stick the stickers on, one-by-one.

The contest offers other blandishments to delight patrons besides just collecting Monopoly properties. The game piece stickers will include instant win food prizes, cash prizes and online prizes, including Walmart gift cards and the perennially puzzling Snapfish prize. This year the contest includes at least one new prize: the Polaroid Cube, which is probably a camera.

In 34 days the contest will end with the majority of Canadians only shy about nine stickers of having a full board —  Mediterranean Avenue, Vermont Avenue, Virginia Avenue, Tennessee Avenue, Kentucky Avenue, Ventnor Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Boardwalk and the Short Line railway.

Oh so close! Better luck next year.

So like watching our favourite Canadian hockey teams vying for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. No wonder we love this contest. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Slowcrow permalink

    Well yes, free coffee up here too, would be appropriate. Maybe social media can make our displeasure heard…… (i have given up trying to find a convient payphone). Mind you, I am looking forward to finding the free food stickers, but still do not appreciate ‘Snapfish'(?????)


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