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Japanese feather duster tree?

October 14, 2014


There’s a beautiful and exotic-looking tree in the back yard of a house just off Oak Street and 15th Avenue.

It has palm-like leaves which turn in the fall from dull green to flame red. And all winter, after the leaves have left, certain branches will be crowned with a large, dark red cluster which is hard to the touch but brings to mind a soft feather duster.

One of people who lives in the house tells me the tree is from Japan but she has no idea what it’s proper name is.

It’s a shame we can’t just ask the tree but of course that’s silly.

Neither of us can speak Japanese. Click the image to enlarge it.

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  1. Nelson Giles permalink

    Sumac. It’s a sumac tree.

    • Thanks Nelson! Don’t know about it being Japanese but by all accounts it is another edible plant growing in Vancouver. The red cones yield tart fruit and spicy seeds and has been long used to brew a tangy drink, earning the sumac the nickname “lemonade tree”. Awesome!

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