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Chessboard empire

October 16, 2014

The big chessboarders have taken their independence movement to the street.

The small island community (traffic island to be precise) at Ontario Street and 18th Avenue — home to most famous open air chessboard in Vancouver — may, or may not, be getting ready to declare it’s independence from the rest of the city of Vancouver.

On a recent ride-by of the little park I certainly saw unmistakable signs of the area’s growing independent spirit.

The royal family of Ontario and 18th


There were the two royals I saw out on a walkabout.

Their Royal Highnesses, like royalty everywhere, appeared two-dimensional and  fixed in their ways.

But, even though they regarded me blankly as I rode by, their round open faces struck me as friendly.

Usually the writing is on the wall


And there was that fact that the residents had begun to take over their streets.

Not content with just having the bees and the trees in their little chessboard park, residents had gone ahead and greened a blocks-worth of asphalt where 18th Avenue intersects with Ontario Street.

That certainly seems revolutionary to me.

We’ll just have to wait and see if they start flying their own flag. Click the images to enlarge them.


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