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Autumn continues to be a story worth sharing

October 18, 2014

Such ornate and tiny little flowers!

I spent a lot of the day yesterday (October 17) ranging through the alleys along the the southern and eastern fringes of Fairview, which are that much greener and woodier than the concrete and asphalt centre of the neighbourhood. And of course I took photographs.

Some details of a drippy day


Auto-focus cameras can have trouble “seeing” spider webs.

The whole environment — the lush green overgrowth, rickety cedar plank fencing and rutted gravel-paved back alleys — feel less urban; more rural — particularly when you throw in the white noise effect of rainfall to mask the sounds of the city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For me the day was as sloshingly peacefully as a day can be.

Most of the  rainfall was big drops of light intensity. Only in the late evening did we get anything like a pounding and then only for maybe half an hour.

And the temperatures are still very mild.


Try as I might I couldn’t catch the quick water drops falling off this leaf.

Yesterday was wet, no doubt about that. But is was also a pleasure. Like a bit more of a good  story.

This year autumn in Vancouver is turning out to be a real a page-turner, even though we all know how it ends. Click the images to enlarge them.

Start of a web or do spiders just like practice making equilateral triangles?

Start of a web or do spiders practice making equilateral triangles in their spare time?

  1. Your blog is a daily tonic for me. Plus you’ve made me much more appreciative of spiders, as well.

    • Slowcrow permalink

      Of course, I agree!! Well said. Spread the word………

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