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Clearing the decks and sidwalks for a big storm

October 27, 2014


All day Vancouver has been waiting for an especially big helping of rain and wind. Any minute now the leftovers from Tropical Storm Ana are expected to hit Vancouver hard.

The prospect seemed to particularly galvanize apartment building managers — across the Fairview neighbourhood and into both East Vancouver and the Cambie Village area they were busy…collecting leaves.

Protecting us from the fall of Vancouver

Everywhere I traveled today I saw apartment managers fairly scrambling to rake, sweep and even vacuum the leaves off of their lawns and particularly off their sidewalks, while the leaves were still dry and easily managed.

Building managers know that fallen leaves just make a bad storm that much worse.

The leaves either stick to pavement like they’re glued down — in which case they make sidewalks treacherously slippery — or they collect in the gutters and clog the storm drains. This can actually cause localized flooding — especially in older apartment buildings.

It’s amazing what kind of havoc a half inch of leaves on the ground can cause in Vancouver (though it’s nothing compared to a half-inch of snow).

If the storm materializes at least we know the apartment building managers of Vancouver have done their part to help us all get through it in one piece. Click the image to enlarge it.

  1. In the 1970’s, my mom and pop were caretakers/building managers of a high rise apartment building in the West End. Yep, they were plenty busy and they had many a good story to tell about it as well. Your post brought back some sweet memories, Stanley. Thank you.


    • The Fairview neighbourhood has several building managing couples. One couple looks after at least four apartment buildings and both of them are constantly roaming from this building to that, always seeming to be on the job.

      Last year, in the post Keeping Fairview that way, I touched on how Fairview retains an air of Vancouver as it was in the early 1980s. And when I say that I mean Vancouver’s West End, which was the first neighbourhood I lived in.


  2. Oh man, we’ve seen some changes in this old town. Parts of Kerrisdale remind me of the earlier West End as well. Sans fire ants though.


  3. Slowcrow permalink

    They could always do what is done in the suburbs. Clear-cut, replant with those stick things (apparently young trees), maybe at some magnificent ratio like 3 ‘young trees’ for every ‘mature’ tree slaughtered. And those sticks’ leaves will never bother anyone. Between the vandals, dog pee, and stupid whipper snipping, brain-dead park employees, they don’t last too long.


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