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Waiting for the waterworks to end

October 31, 2014


Up until just after Noon it was touch-and-go weather-wise. Somewhere around 11 a.m. the rain was coming down so hard where I was at the corner of Granville Street and Broadway Avenue that I actually worried for the safety of the salmon spawning somewhere in the Fraser River — one arm of which was only seven kilometres south at the end of Granville Street.

I considered emailing the officials at the local office of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans to suggest that the two of them get out and deploy the tiny salmon signs and barricades.

One wrong turn in this downpour, I thought, and preoccupied salmon could end up on Granville Street — maybe even in rush hour traffic.

Who doesn’t feel better after a good cry?


But then the rain tapered off to a sprinkle, then a drizzle and finally a few sniffles and it was done.

Having gotten whatever it was out of its (weather) system, the rest of the day had a happy and sunny disposition. Click the images to enlarge them.



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