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Keeping your poppy pinned in place

November 5, 2014


The Canadian Remembrance poppy is well-known for its tendency to fall off whatever its been pinned to. That’s because there’s nothing to keep the straight steel pin from sliding straight out of whatever its been pinned through.

An old remedy is to fix a small piece of pencil eraser onto the steel pin; either on the sharp end or higher up the shaft. Either way it’s a cheap-and-cheerful way to keep your poppy in place.

Pinning our hopes on a wine cork


All you need: a poppy, a wine cork (preferably artificial) and a sharp utility knife.

Good on you if you can find a real bit of pencil eraser. I haven’t seen actual graphite lead pencil for a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if many young people only recognize pencils and erasers as tools in photo editing software.

Anything rubbery will probably work. My preferred substitute is an artificial wine cork which is made of a soft, dense, eraser-like material.

But wouldn’t you know it, all I could find for demonstration purposes is a real cork, which is made out of some kind of wood — the name of which escapes me.

It works but it doesn’t cut as cleanly or look as nice. And mind you, I did my cutting in public — as quickly as possible so as not to unnecessarily alarm people.

The procedure is dead simple:

  1. Carefully cut a piece off the cork.
  2. Fashion it into a little cube.
  3. Stick the poppy into fabric as usual and fix the cube onto the end of the steel pin.

That’s basically all there is to it.

You can choose to leave the rubbery cube on the end of the pin as a guard or you can push it all the way up the pin towards the back of the poppy, which helps hold the poppy firmly against the fabric.

You can use two little cubes and do both. And there are other variation you can try if they occur to you. Click the images to enlarge them.


One Comment
  1. Sunshine permalink

    Great idea! Thanks so much. I’m always losing my poppies .


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