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The “git ’er done” spirit of spiders

November 6, 2014


European garden spiders are not easily daunted. More than once I’ve seen them gamely try to build their orb webs across spans well in excess of two metres.

Yesterday afternoon, while binning in a Fairview back alley, I had to duck to avoid getting bonked in the head by a particularly large European garden spider hanging in the middle of the lane.

When I stopped to take photos, I realized the spider, hanging at the end of several metres of spun silk connected to a tree limb high overhead, wasn’t just hanging out to dry after the heavy rain, it was in the process of building a web. It had already connected more than one horizontal line from its vertical centre line to the north side of the alley.

Hard to believe but the overachieving arachnid was having a go at building a web across the entire width of the alley.

Science insists that spiders operate on instinct rather than intelligence. And it really does seem as though spiders don’t think, they just do. Click the image to enlarge it.


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